City of Ruins to City of Gold? Plans for the Reconquista of Chicago, Pg 11!

United Canadian American military presence seen steadily increasing around Chicago. Ares Macrotechnology has made promising statements about their goals for the future of the city. The next great war, Chicago: Bug City. Who will come out on top? Bugs? Men? Corporate cyberzombies? Or someone else entirely?

— Nightly New Yorker

Dragons Feuding? What Does It Mean for Humanity?!

Great dragons have always been alien curiosities for humanity, but what happens when the dragons decide to actually SAY they’re better than us? What happens when other dragons say that they’re NOT better than us? Well let me tell you folks! WE get fragged! Fragged again and again, forever. They have the know-how, the muscle, and the lifespan to make sure of it, and whichever of these scaly freaks decides to level a city, or summon Cthulhu, or sell our children to the Fae, they can; and we won’t be able to do drek about it! We won’t be able to do drek about it unless we do it sooner rather than later! If humanity never lifts a finger to stop them, no one will. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I’ll leave you with. This has been the imMoral Majority Radio, I’m your host Marcus, and we’ll see you in three months for the next dose of truth!

— Marcus, imMoral Majority Radio

The Black Bishop Strikes DeeCee, Who Will Be Next?!

It has been confirmed by authorities within the Multinational-Corporate Joint Task Force that the individual known as the “Black Bishop” is responsible for last week’s DC terror attack. Newly released footage shows the “Black Bishop” and a cadre of masked men taking positions around the site of President Dunkelzahn’s assassination shortly before multiple explosions ripped through the boulevard. The most recent tallies place the casualties at 90 killed with an additional 800 wounded. Footage shows the Black Bishop emerging from the ruins of a building and performing some sort of spell, which remains unidentified at this time. Our expert magical consultant has posited some as-yet unconfirmed theories as to the spell, but is certain whatever spell or ritual it was, it was blood magic.

— Horizon Media: UCAS

Black Bishop's Gambit

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